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Framed canvas "Mystical Journey" by Leslie Duranton Métogo

Framed canvas "Mystical Journey" by Leslie Duranton Métogo

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The work “Mystical Journey” by Leslie Duranton Metogo is a captivating creation that combines natural and mystical elements to transport the viewer into a dreamlike world. This high-quality framed canvas, crafted from pine, features a fascinating scene with a black and white, multi-armed Hindu goddess floating on a cloud surrounded by lush vegetation. The canvas juxtaposes elements of nature, such as palm trees and tropical plants, with a starry celestial background and a moving sea.

Product Features :

  • Frame material: Sturdy pine frame
  • Frame thickness: 3.18 cm (1.25 inches)
  • Canvas fabric weight: 344 g/m² +/- 25 g/m² (10.15 +/- 0.74 oz/yd²)
  • Accessories Included: Rubber cushions for rear corners and hanging hardware for easy installation
  • Visual appearance: Magnificent floating effect thanks to the frame

Warnings :

  • Canvases framed in brown and black have a black interior around the canvas, while those framed in white have a white interior.
  • This product should not be sanded or cut as it produces airborne dust which may irritate the lungs.

Availability :

  • Black and White: Available in the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom
  • Brown: Available in the United States, Canada and Europe

Artistic description and symbolism

The work “Mystical Journey” immerses the viewer in a dimension where the divine meets the natural. The central goddess, with her multiple arms and serene expression, symbolizes strength and spirituality. The contrast between the black and white of the goddess and the vibrant colors of the surrounding landscape accentuates the mystical effect of the scene. The starry background and dazzling light add a cosmic dimension to the work, suggesting a journey through worlds.

The hand emerging from the water in the foreground perhaps symbolizes a quest for spiritual ascension, while lush vegetation frames the scene, evoking a deep connection with nature.

Use and placement

This framed canvas is perfect for adding a mystical and artistic touch to any space. Ideal for living rooms, offices or meditation spaces, it will captivate and inspire all who contemplate it.

Add this fascinating work to your collection to bring a spiritual and aesthetic dimension to your interior decoration. Thanks to its meticulous details and powerful symbolism, “Mystical Journey” is much more than just a decoration – it is an invitation to contemplation and escape.

Order now and transform your walls with this unique and mesmerizing piece of art by Leslie Duranton Metogo!

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