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Oshun Emerald Kimono

Oshun Emerald Kimono

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The “Oshun Emerald Kimono” is a centerpiece of our artisanal collection, inspired by the African goddess Oshun, symbol of beauty, love and fertility. This kimono, with its lush shades of emerald green, embodies the vitality and abundance of nature. The unique pattern of this kimono was created by talented fashion designer Leslie Duranton Metogo.

Main Features

  • Color and Patterns:

    • Main Color: Emerald green with a subtle gradient effect, reminiscent of the richness of tropical forests.
    • Ornamental Designs: The borders and sleeves are decorated with embroidered designs, incorporating tones of black, dark green and splashes of yellow, evoking the rivers and waterfalls associated with Oshun.
  • Material :

    • Fabric: 100% cotton, offering a comfortable and lightweight feel, perfect for everyday use or special occasions.
    • Craftsmanship: Each kimono is handmade in Lyon, guaranteeing superior quality and exceptional know-how.
  • Style and Cut:

    • Cut: Ample and fluid, typical of traditional kimonos, guaranteeing great freedom of movement.
    • Sleeves: Wide and flared, adding a touch of elegance and refinement.
    • Size: Unique piece, one size, designed in an oversized version with an integrated belt holder to tighten the waist and adjust the fit according to your preferences.
  • Additional Details:

    • Accessories: Perfectly matched with patterned dresses or long skirts, creating a bohemian chic look.
    • Exclusivity: Each kimono is a unique piece, made with the greatest care by our artisans.

Why Choose the Oshun Emerald Kimono?

  • Unique Elegance: Design inspired by the goddess Oshun, bringing a spiritual and natural touch to your wardrobe.
  • Comfort and Quality: High quality materials for optimal comfort and increased durability.
  • Versatile Style: Suitable for various occasions, whether for a casual chic look or a sophisticated outfit.
  • Exclusive: This piece is unique, with a pattern created by Leslie Duranton Metogo and handmade in Lyon.

Adopt the Oshun Emerald Kimono and let yourself be inspired by the beauty and abundance of nature, while honoring the Oshun divinity. Order now on our site and add this exceptional piece to your collection.

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