Collection: MEN'S FASHION

Available for pre-order, the pieces of the women's ready-to-wear collection are made from materials

of high quality to order in order to meet our criteria which respond to a philosophy of slow fashion.

Our men's clothing allows you to create your own unique style. At Élisabeth Akaïa Kaï , we offer you the possibility of offering you unique clothes.

All of our women's clothing is entirely handmade.
For the production of our clothes, we work in collaboration with manufacturers who meet our ecological and responsible criteria.

During the production of the products, the seamstresses take care to cut and sew the various materials necessary to ensure that each piece will be made with great care for greater quality, thus guaranteeing you a tailor-made garment, which corresponds 100% up to your expectations.

Some pieces of the collection have the possibility of personalization, which allows you to have the clothes made to suit your expectations and your desires.